Left analog stik doesnt work

Hello everybody! At once - sorry for my English - I'm Russian :) My xbox wireless controller's (~1 year old) left analog stick doesn't work absolutely (in menu, every games). It's begin from bad battery, which leak out and soil my wireless controller. I'm successfully clean-up a plate with ethanol. After this, it (wireless controller) successfully work ~ 4-5 months. Now, it doesn't work and in games dragged in left and down. How i can fix it? I try dismantle it and clean again,but this doesn't work. If this need, i can take pictures and send it you. Beforehand thanks!

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vasya, if you already tried cleaning, try to reflow the solder connections of the joystick. If that does not help it may be time to "replace the controller. They are available on places like this. On the how-to part, here is my answer from a similar question. "use this as a general guide. All you need to do, is to unsolder the connector and solder the new joystick in place. It should be a straight forward repair. Of course, you'll need a soldering iron, a desoldering wick (or solder sucker, flux and solder to repair the joystick...Hope this helps, here is a great tutorial. hope this helps, good luck.

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