Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including iPod Original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

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Why does my iPod 5th generation have lines on the display?

I have tried a hard reset and didn't fix the problem. Also connected it to my computer and resyned it and worked for about an hour and then the lines came back. Do I need a new display?

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The iPod you are interested in, is the 5th generation (Video) or any other one?


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Danette, it most certainly sounds like you need to replace the display. Of course, you do want to disassemble your iPod, whichever version it is, clean the connector, check for broken pins, corrosion and debris. If all that checks out okay, replace your display. we could give you a more specific answer, if you give us a more specific iPod model. Hope this helps, good luck

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