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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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How can I reset the computer so the door will unlock?

My machine "ran" through a cycle without actually doing anything other than counting down the time remaining (no water, no spinning, etc.). At 1 min. left, the count down stopped. I cannot change the setting or cancel the cycle, no matter what buttons I push. And because the cycle won't end, the door will not unlock. I have tried unplugging the machine overnight to reset the computer, but when I plug it back in, it still says that there's "1 min." remaining in the cycle.

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You may have to use the manual release to open your door. The following link explains how:

Door is stuck on HE3 Washer

Your washer may have experienced a momentary program glitch which can cause interruptions in operation. Sometimes resetting the Central Control Unit (CCU) will coreect these problems. To reset, you have to unplug the washer for AT LEAST 30 minutes. If the problem reoccurs after a CCU reset, then you have a legitimate problem. Take note of any symptoms and/or error codes that may be displayed. If these procedures do not correct your problem, call Tech Support.

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