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The Sony Ericsson W810i is a Walkman mobile phone with a camera and music playing capabilities.

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Only turns on when plugged into charger just flashes sony screen

My w810 won't turn on I think it is because for one it won't charge and second when I plug it in to charge it only gets to the sony ericsson screen then resets doing it over and over I have tried to connect to the pc to reflash but it won't recognize it poped up once could not recognize but never again I think it's because it had just a thread of charge left in the battery I think it's a hardware issue i'm wondering if there is something I can do any help would be much appreciated thanks.

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crayzze, the reason for not charging could be a bad battery. Start by replacing that one, follow this guide. Make sure that you charge port is in good working condition, and that no debris or corrosion is present. Try a different cable as well. With a new battery, at least you will have a known good starting point should further troubleshooting be necessary.

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