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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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I got two broken Nexus7, can I fix one with the other?

Hello there,

I got two Nexus7. One has the LCD screen that doesn't display anything (but it emits sound and seems to be responsive).

The second one has a crack on the glass, and the touchscreen doesn't respond when I touch it (it was perfectly working before I made the crack). Its display still works beside the touch interface.

Can I use the glass of the first one with the LCD screen of the second one? Are they glued/fused together or is it possible to separate them and do such a replacement? And most importantly, do I have any chance to fix the broken touch input by only changing the cracked glass? :)

Thank you,


EDIT: I tried to open both devices. The display and the glass are welded together and there is no way to separate them without breaking something. BUT, i've been very lucky because I used the display-to-MB connector from the device with the cracked glass in the other one, and it worked again perfectly!

Thanks iFixit for the nice guides, helped me a lot.

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you see on step 20 of the Teardown guide for Nexus 7 that LCD is fused to the glass... so I supposed that you can't...

Teardown Nexus 7 step 20

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Ben my best parts suppliers don't have the LCD or Digitizer as separate parts, but I would at least try doing the job you describe first and buy new parts only if necessary, keep us posted how you do, I have never worked an a Nexas 7 but it looks a lot like a Kindle inside and I have changed plenty of Digitizers without the LCD on them, try to get close up pics of the Digitizer Ribbon Cable end so it could be compared with others, maybe it would cross with a Kindle or something else.

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