The iMac is Apple's line of all-in-one desktop computers.

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Camera memory card was put in wrong slot. Can't retrieve it.

I wanted to download some pictures from my camera's memory card and I accidentally put it in the CD slot which is directly above the memory card slot. I had done this once before and was able to easily retrieve it by sliding a thin object in the slot and sliding it right out. This time, however, the card does not seem to be close to the opening. We have disconnected the unit and tried to tip it so the card would come to the front and we can't even hear it moving around in there. I put a CD in to see if it would bring it out when I ejected it, but it didn't. Any suggestions on how I can get my memory card back?

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Properly ID your Mac. Then follow the appropriate guide to dismantle the machine until you can take the cover off the optical drive (remember to disconnect all power, and you may wish to remove the drive before opening the top) and lift the card out.

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