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Still getting the YLOD

I don't know what I am doing wrong I have pre heated the broad then turned up the heat and when over the chips CPU and GPU then I put new past on and everything and still nothing, SO WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!

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ericambrose32, first you do need to remember that this will only work id your YLOD is caused by solder fractures and if they are not to extreme. Reflowing any board with a heatgun is not an exact science and as such does have a certain amount of failure. The proper fix for this would most likely be a professional reball. Anyhow, the biggest reason for failure to reflow is not enough consistant heat. There is a fine line between reflowing and absolutely melting the solder, so one needs to be aggressive without going over board. If nothing else, get a couple of temperature probes and see what heat you generate. Looks at your previous question about the temperature ranges. Right now it seems you got not much to loose since it is not working anyhow. Follow the guide from here and keep on trying. If at first you don't succeed....:). hope this helps, good luck.

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Well I have almost given up on it, but I am still trying I posted about the heat sink straps and I striped a little bit of it off.


When you say "striped a little bit of it off" what are you referring to?


the first 3 threads off of the screw.


Any damage to any other part? what happened that you stripped the thread:-)?


No. It was getting tighter till I was not able to turn it, but then it stated turning some more ,but then I back it out.


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