Removed black matte finish from block next to cable shield

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I was swiping my iPhone 4s clean with isopropanol after an earpiece replacement, and carelessly also swiped the black matte finished block between the cable shield and the wifi grounding clip, and managed to remove what appears to be some sort of finish from the block. It is now partly shiny, maybe revealing a film-like surface underneath, but nothing else is "wrong", and the phone seems to function normally. What is that block, and should I be worried? What is that matte finish?

Thank You!


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Jonah, looks like you my have cleaned off part of the chip "that reportedly provides Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity", this should not impair the function of it. The matte finish is sometimes applied to hide the markings of a chi, and sometimes it is just part of the manufacturing process. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Well that's a relief! I was worried it was some sort of space-age grounding/shielding finish, and now that it's compromised the phone is going to go all haywire on me. But it's basically just tape, eh?

Off-topic: Actually it resembles a DIY pcb printing film called Press'N'Peel...


Just checked the Press'n Peel, I like that stuff:)


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