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Released June 2009 / 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Who has replaced a logic board on a MBP?

If you have successfully replaced a logic board on a Macbook pro, can you describe any special undocumented procedure you need to follow to get the Macbook to boot?

Someone is giving me advise that makes no sense

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Ground yourself out before starting to avoid ESD.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) control

Have another computer open to the iFixit repair guide. Read through the guide before starting. I use about three different cups to store screws in. I use one for outside screws, one for logic board connected screws and one for the other screws. I keep a Boley gauge or other Caliper Digital Caliper for measuring screws right at hand. Be very careful when disconnecting the plug ins to the logic board as they can easily pull off the logic board. Disconnect the power and battery first. Have canned air to blow out the dust. Try do it it all in one sitting, when you are fresh and can concentrate with out interruption. Ignore the phone. I put a pillow in my lap to catch any dropped screws.

Digital Caliper Resmi


Digital Caliper


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Thank you for your response. However, the Issue I have is that I got a replacement board that I have put into the machine and it does not boot. I put my old board back in and everything works fine except for the original problem that caused me to replace the board(GPU issue). I've swapped these boards 4 times now because the vendor kept giving me new advise on how to get the new board working. He says I need to do a PRAM reset with only a 1Gig Dimm (my machine has 4G) with the battery removed. Well I've tried this and still can't get the machine to boot. He tells me he is an "Apple Engineer" but I think he full of Crap. I'm Just wondering if anyone has swapped out a MB and just booted the machine without a problem. I suspect the Serial number will change but that is about it.


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