Is my iPhone working when power connected and with a defect battery

is my iphone working when power connected and with a defect battery? iphone battery was empty. Connected the phone for recharge. Phone began with on/off on/off on/off (for +/- 10 minutes) recharge. Looked at the dock connector and i found corrosion on the contact surface. already replace the dock connector and for 100% in a good way. Only the phone still isn't working yet. Is it possible that my battery is defect? When i connect my phone for recharge is my phone working with a defect battery? Is it possible that the battery is defect because of he is totally empty?

Thanks in advance for your support

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h busch, since you already changed you dock connector, my suggestion would be to change the battery next. Make sure that all your contacts are clean, and definitely check for further corrosion. Hope this helps, good luck.

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