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Battery only lasts one hour

I have a 1.0Ghz /1.25Gb/80GB HDD Powerbook and the battery only lasts for aprox 1 hour and stays on 1% for about 25 mins after watching the power neter decrease rapidly. Once in sleep mode and flashing light i can the charge my android phone 3 times on usb so there is still power.

can anyone aplain as to why this is possible?

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As a battery get older it will take less and less of a charge. So if the battery held say, 5400 @ 100% when new, at midlife the maximum charge would be half of that at 2700. But a full charge to 100% yields only 2700 not the original 5400. To get a good idea of the status of your battery, download and run Coconut Battery: http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba...

Download the 2.6.6 version for your PowerBook.

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