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Released in February of 2006, the Dell Inspiron E1505 is a duo CPU widescreen laptop that boasts increased performance compared to the Inspiron 6000 that it replaces.

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Screen sometimes comes on

My laptop dell has a problem . My problem is sometimes i see my screen and and other times no view . I hear the cd rom and hardrive .Try going in boot mode can get in . Need help .


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vincenzomule , it is possible that this is caused by a bad inverter, bad LCD or broken display cable. Narrow it down by starting of with an external monitor. This way you know your GPU (video card) is okay.

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Well i tried an external monitor no screen display .......


Since the external monitor has a different pathway then the LCD , it appears as if you are having GPU troubles. You could try a reflow of the motherboard and see if that will resolve it.


a repair tech told me it is the video card is that possible?


Yes, it is absolutely possible. your external monitor does not get any video, my suspicion is with a bad "video card" Here is the problem, the laptop does not have a dedicated video card, but it is part of the motherboard. This means you might have to replace the motherboard.


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Can you not get an external video processor?

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