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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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ps3 error red light

my father tried to ake apprt my ps3 to fix the disk drive since it wasn't reading the disk but now he put it together and there is nothing but a red light how do we fix this red light error? its not blinking or nothing its a still red light

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lovy, the first thing to do is to use one of the guides from here, best is probably this one. Once your have it apart again, do check for any misaligned cables, broken connectors etc. If the optical drive did not read any of your disks, it may need to be replaced. Use the above guides to properly assemble your PS3 again. The re-evaluate. Right now it is difficult to pinpoint since It somewhat worked before, but stopped working after you worked on it. Always double (or triple) check your work first.

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