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Is it possible to access and retrieve the Data/Media on mem board?

The iPhone was accidently dropped in toilet, (clean water). I quickly removed it stood it up on end,and began towel drying it.

I then tried powering it off by way of pressing power button, but it would not turn off. I also tried pressing the power button and home button simultaneously. Instead of getting a slide bar to turn off. I believe it was going to restore itself which l did not want to happen. I pushed the off button again and it turned off.

I then put it in a foodsaver bag filled with rice in hopes that it would sucks the air as well as moisture out!

Back to the reason for this question. The data as well as the photo's are extremely important, that I must try every possible way to access/recover all that I can. Besides contacts, which l believe are on the SIM Card. l have some 1600-1800 photos.

If l put the SIM Card from my iPhone into another iPhone, will my contacts show up in that phone? Would it cause any problems to the other phone? If so, what can i do to prevent it?

If l purchase a Samsung Galaxy S III, will l be able to use this same SIMCard in that phone?

Also, is there a way to access and recover the photos that are in the 8GB memory thing on the logicboard? Or can i remove the memory whatever it is and put it in the other iPhone temporarly and without harming the other phone? I suppose, l would have to remove that one. Oh my gosh! Please tell me what I can do...please.. l havent touched my phone for fear of messing it up?

I thank you in advance for any information and or help you can give me!



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Sherry, the iPHone stores all your files in hard wired memory chips. there is no way for the normal person to remove those and place them in other devices. You can recover the files if you have done a back up or a restore, then the files will be on the computer that you use to sync it. The contacts are not on the Sim card, again those are stored on your IC's. Again, best bet is the back-up file on your computer. There are companies out there that can do the Data Recovery, but they are very expensive. You might want to try and send your phone for repair to get it fixed which may solve your problem, even if it is only the get the files you need, sorry for the bad news.

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Unfortuneately, I encrypted the backup and do not remember pw. But, I was able to do a complete cleaning with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and was able to perform a Restore. My only problem now is That the slide bar is not working. I believe that is due to the center screw that is missing (the second screw from beneath the antenna area. If you could comfirm that, that would be awesome. . Anyway thank you again.


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