Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Does anyone know how to replace the entire metal case?

I dropped my iPod a few days ago and am wondering if it is possible to replace the metal case completely.

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OK thanks I took it apart already and Ill just stick a new bezel on the new case


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Yes. The back metal housing can be purchased cheaply.

However, unless you have the proper equipment and know-how, I wouldn't recommend doing this. It requires knowing how to completely disassemble the device, de-soldering, soldering, transfer of parts from the old device to the new housing, etc.

It can be done, but I stress, unless you really have solid soldering skills and a lot of patience, accept the fact that you can "trash" the device with even the slightest mistake.

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Where can you get this part? My search for it was unsuccessful.


I get them wholesale. You can contact me at (850) 849.1234 on Monday / afternoon and I can give you a quote on parts. I might have one or two in stock.


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