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Why is my hard drive and DVD drive malfunctioning?

I have a Philips Hard disk/DVD recorder DVDR3460H 250 GB.

I don't know exactly what is broken. I just know that should have an hard disk problem.

When I power on the device it is in standby, I press the "on button" and it seem to go well. Then the hard disk start to make strange sound, when I press the "open" button look like something is moving but the DVD doesn't come out.

So, I know only what are the problems, not the reasons.

what should I do to find the cause?

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First tell us what machine this DVD is in.


DVDR3460H as in the description, here ( ) an image, (very) soon I'll post some immages without upper case.


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Giovanni Riva, one things to do is to replace the hard drive. If it makes a noise, then there are mechanical issues with that. Once you replace the drive, you will need to reinstall the firmware. Here is how you do that:" 1. Firmware Upgrading

A. Preparation to upgrade firmware:

1. Unzip the zip-archive file

2. Start the CD Burning software and create a new CD project (data disc) with the following settings:

File system: Joliet

Format: MODE 2: CDROM XA


Note: Long file name is necessary for the preparation of the upgrade disc

3. Place the content of the zip-archive into the root directory of the new CD project.

4. Burn the data onto a blank CDR or CD-RW

B. Procedure to apply the firmware upgrade:

1. Open the tray and load the Upgrade CDROM.

2. The tray closes and set will display:


3. The OSD will display

“Disc Upgrade”

“Software Upgrade Disc detected . Select OK to start upgrading or CANCEL to exit.”

4. Click on the <OK> button .

5. The OSD will display:

“Starting Software Upgrade.Please Wait.”

with the set display


Then the OSD will display

“Disc Upgrading . Please Wait . Do not switch off the power . ”

It will do the Upgrade for the Software and OSD will show .

“Loader Software Upgrade”

and the set will show


Loader Software Upgrade

Upgrading software. Please Wait .Do not switch off the power.”

And the set will show


The whole process takes less than 6 minutes

Note: Do not press any buttons or interrupt the mains supply during the upgrading process, otherwise the set may becomes defective.

6. When the upgrade is completed the tray will open automatically and the set will display:

“Loader upgrade process has completed successfully . Press [OK] to reboot system.”

7. The tray open and the set will display:


8. Press <OK> and the tray close and the set goes to standby .

*Note : 1)The content of the HDD(i.e. the video recording(s) and/or mp3 file(s)) will not be erased

during the firmware upgrading process.

2. Preparations for new HDD

In the event when the set unable to boot up or recordings not stored due to an defective HDD, the HDD will have to be replaced with the steps describe below:

1. Replace the Faulty HDD with a new HDD.

2. Before connecting the new HDD on the Digital Board ,the jumper pin at the connector of the HDD is to be removed.

3. Connect the new HDD to the Digital Board.

4. Power up the set . It will open the tray and prompt to load the upgrading disc.(the upgrade disc is the same disc under firmware upgrading.)

5. The set will display “Load”.

6. Put the upgrade disc and close the tray and the set will show “Copy” ……… “Boot”

7. The rest of the procedure follows the software upgrade given in 1B -Procedure to apply the firmware upgrade.

*Note : 1)Do not press any button or interrupt the main supply ,otherwise the set may become defective.

2)When the HDD formatting is successful ,the set will go to standby mode.

3. Verification of Firmware

How to read out the firmware version to confirm set has been upgraded:

1. Power up the set

2. Press <setup> <3> <2> <1> in the correct sequence

3. Press <select> button

4. The TV connected to the set will display:

Product number :DVDRAAAAA

Stroke/Region Code : XX/2

Software Version :RYY.Y

Release Date:Jul 14 2006

Loader Version:51.05.2006

Build:5019V12_003 071


Where AAAAA is the model number (i.e. 3450H,3460H,3470H)

Where XX is the Stroke Version and YY is the Version and Release number. that should get your HDD prepared.

Since you need your CD drive for the new HDD , I would take a good look at it. You will have to disassemble the unit and remove the drive. To do that, remove the top cover, then the four screws on each corner. Now you can check the drive, the controller board for missing or burned components as well if there is a disk in the drive. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image


image for the jumper setting for replacement drive attached.

Block Image

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But which is the file that I should unzip?


Sorry, I don't find the settings of the CD burning software. I have ImgBurn. for the drive, for what I'm looking for?


Giovanni Riva, are you wondering how to burn the file to a CD? Did you download the firmware?


Yes and yes again :)


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