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printer suddenly has no power

My Canon Pixma PM610 after having printed one page suddenly had no power to print second page. no reaction at all. Check of cable, socket etc. was ok. Canon told me "thats the board, cost 150.-Euro. Doesn`t pay. Buy a new Printer". Is this true? Have I to throw away my printer. I will miss the top scanner (9600x4800 dpi). Any idea how I can bring back my printer to use?

Thanks all

Peter in Berlin

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If your printer has suddenly no power supply then check out for the internal and external power supply. Also, first you disconnect them and then again connect the printers.


I would be grateful if you could give me an idea on accessing the printed circuit board please.

Best wishes,



I have the same problem with a Canon ip6700D, which is likely to be similar to the PM610. One pro fixer says the programmable zener on the power boards goes frequently, but mine was OK. Now looking to pull down the printer and look for other hidden? fuses.

Getting at the PSU: The security screws are plastic and look like they are install only, and disintegrate on removal. YMMV. Ream them out brutally. You might be lucky with the right security driver. 2 plastic catches and the PSU pops out A further single metal security screw secures the lid. BE CAREFUL. - EXPOSED MAINS.

In mine, fuse 3 was blown. (different fuse numbers on different models) but check them all.

The SMT components are really close together, so if it isn't a fuse, the regulator or the switching MOSFET then a new printer gives least frustration. These printers are not meant to be repaired, and I understand a new PSU (probably no longer available anyway) is in the same order of cost as a new printer.

Good luck (and to anyone else with similar issue)


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Peter Berlin, not sure where you are in the disassembly of your printer. If there is no evidence of power on the printer then the most likely cause is that the power board inside of the printer has failed. Check on the power board for any domed or leaky capacitors. There should also be two fuses on the board, marked FU401 and FU402, check those for continuity. Sad to say, but most printers are actually treated as a throw away commodity and not to many people are willing to repair them. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Yes but it would have been helpful if some hints on accessing the power board had been included.

Very helpful otherwise.



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CHECkED THE INTERNAL power unit. Tester. Export of power from unit is OK. Still no response.could be a fuse.

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Faulty power cords and connections are an uncommon but possible cause of a printer not turning on. Before suspecting a cord failure, ensure that there is power to the wall outlet and there are no conditions preventing the printer from turning on. Testing by substitution can confirm if a cord connection is the problem.



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