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How to replace neutral safety switch on '98 nissan maxima

98 nissan maxima wont start, ive replaced relays,starter, ignition etc. The safety switch is the only thing left that makes sense. How do i get to it, and how to replace it? It is an automatic trans.

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What does it do when you try to start it? I can think of lots of things that will cause a no start condition. More details and I'll try to help you instead of wasting your time any further.



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David Durham, first I would try to adjust it. The neutral safety switch operates the back-up lights and prevents starting except in Park and Neutral. To adjust,place transaxle in Neutral. Disconnect the shift cable from the transaxle shift shaft lever. Loosen neutral safety switch bolts. Move switch until an alignment pin can be inserted through a hole in transaxle shift shaft lever and hole in neutral safety switch body. Tighten switch bolts.

You can also test the switch first by trying to bypass it. This can be dangerous since it will allow you to start your vehicle in any gear. Use this only for testing purposes. Pull the inhibitor relay and check the numbers on the bottom of the relay. Make a jumper between pin #6 and #7. This should allow you to start it without the safety switch. If you need to replace it, follow this guide. Hope this helps, good luck.

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