The iMac G5, powered by the PowerPC G5 processor, was originally released in 2004.

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What to do when it does not power up?

Hi guys,

My iMac G5 decided to die on me 2 weeks before i am to receive the new one i have ordered.

It refused to power on and completely and even though few times in dies on me (3-4) times, it came eventually back on, but this time, no light or anything, just dead!

I still have info on the hard disk that i need, but would you think i should messing with it to see if it is the power supply or any suggestions?



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Hi, Here is a link to a previous post with your problem. If you read the post you will find the steps he took to determine the power supply was bad and how he repaired it. Good luck.

iMac G5 20" Model A1145 Dead Nothing on Start-up

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