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Replaced battery on iPod Classic, Turns on but doesn't charge or sync

My iPod classic dint turn on or charge, so I replaced the battery. Now it turns on with the charge left in the new battery, but doesn't charge.

I tried in wall adapter and computer both dint work.

I also ran diagnostic mode and couldnt pass the USB_Detect test.

Please help me out !!

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Rack, "couldnt pass the USB_Detect test." check the dock connector on your iPod. make sure there are no bend, broken or corroded pins. Also, try a different cable. The other issue with this model is the battery connector on the logic board. It does have a tendency of disconnecting from the board and eventually to break off. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for the suggestion,

The cable is good, it works fine with my iPhone.

I see some discolor in the pins.

Is it easier to replace the dock connector port by myself, I don't really find self install-steps on the internet.


No, it is a royal pain. It requires fine soldering of 30 contacts plus two anchors. Then it is also a chore to find a replacement (I harvested from an old board) and to resolder it. It takes patience, the right tools and practice.


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