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The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is an Android 2.2-powered smartphone with a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and 1 GHz processor.

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Can recieve/send calls/texts, but no data connection

I have contacted my provider and Samsung, they want me to send them my phone and pay $80 for them to look at it. I should be able to fix this problem myself. About 4 months ago my screen broke and i ordered another screen offline, i replaced it myself, using all the correct tools and ensuring that I put everything back the way i removed it, even the number of times i turned a screw to remove it. Before my screen broke I had perfect 4G connection, after I replaced the screen I had connection for about an hour then it disappeared. The only troubleshooting item I haven't been able to do was ensure my IMEI number was correct, but instead of numbers I have a series of stainge symbols. Can someone help me get my data back?

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Your imei is in the inside of the phone, just take the battery out and there it is above the bar code.

Sounds like you didn't put the back on correctly. The antenna is in the black piece the you remove first after all the screws are out. There are several touch connections made when re-assembling. On the lower portion of it is where the antenna is at.

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