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How to back off the rear brake calipers on a 2010 Golf

It seams the brake calipers have some sort of screw in the piston. Something to do with the park brake I think? Do I need a special tool? I have changed other calipers before, these are impossible it seems to back off.

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You need a tool to communicate with the EBCM (electric brake control module). Then you can select retract rear pistons and it will retract them for you. This is the new big thing with the electronic parking brake. You can buy a special tool just for your car, or maybe a loan-a-tool from a parts house near you.

Edit: not sure if your model had it yet. I can't log in alldata from home. If yours DOESN'T have electrical wires going to the caliper, not the pad sensor or the abs sensor, but the rear of the piston housing you can definitely go to a parts house and borrow a screw in piston Kit from them.


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