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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Spilled Coffee on Keyboard and Laptop Not Powering On

Two days ago I spilled coffee (~2-3 tablespoons worth) on my Macbook Pro on accident. The coffee contained cream but no sugar. The first thing I did was grab some tissues and soak up the excess coffee, power down my computer (it did not immediately short out), and let it sit upside down.

Since this happened, I have tried to power it on but it does not respond when I press the power button. The LED light on the power cord is orange. When I press the button on the side to test the battery, all the LEDs light up to show a full charge. The power button has no response.

Today I removed the back cover and unseated the battery connector. I should have done this 2 days ago, but I'm an idiot. Right now the battery is in the macbook, but it is not connected to the logic board.

What should I do now? I can still smell coffee, so I am optimistic it might still be wet and I can clean it.

I have read about using rubbing alcohol (90%+) to clean up coffee redisue. Can I pour that in the keyboard if my battery is still physically connected to the computer (but unseated from the logic board)? Or do I need to completely remove the battery from the enclosure before I try the rubbing alcohol trick?

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I had same problem last wk, daughter knocked coffee (no sugar) on dell 1545 laptop, i panicked didnt unplug it straight away, screen went off. unplugged it, tipped upside down to drain, took battery /hdd out, mopped up and left a week. removed k/brd wiped inside. put back together, connected battery & lead, did start up but wouldnt recognise hdd. tried another from my daughters laptop and worked but most keys wouldnt, bought new k/brd £7, hdd £39.99 both fitted today, installed windows, back up and running. cant believe it, I do backup to an external hdd as my business accounts are on there. bought sata docking station £15 and the damaged hdd has shown up the files so will keep it just in case. hope this is of help to someone, dont bin it, cost me £62 which is cheaper than a new laptop. Best of luck


I have a problem with my Apple MAC pro. I spilled some rum on my keyboard and the computer stopped operating. I tried for several days to start the computer but didn't work. 15 days later I started the computer and it did start but it took me to step one, if I want to use English as the language, and second step was to reset my password or use the same one but I could not type as the key board does not repond and now I am stuck here, what should I do


Just buy a keyboard off of ebay or in a store like Walmart, Target, etc. that is used or connected through an USB drive. That should work just fine.


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Hi mythicalbyrd,

I would definitely remove the battery after all and every other energy source that is connected to the computer or even within reach before starting cleaning. Every energy source attached or in range is a possible source for unwanted short cuts while using alcohol for cleaning purposes.

In your case I would even remove the logic board and would carefully and diligently clean it separately with alcohol. Maybe there is some coffee still somewhere on/under the motherboard. Then I would let it dry for a day before I would built it in and see what the status now is.


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  • turn PC off immediately and get something to dry the initial liquid (towel, paper towel, loo roll etc)
  • flip the laptop upside down and open it out like a book, this is so the liquid can get out
  • get a hair dryer or an electric fan and point it at the laptop arch and/or complete device
  • leave to dry for 24 hours (I left for 10 mins and it wouldnt power on, 2 hours and it now works so depends how patient you are) try not to power it on to see if it works as they may cause more damage

I am just adding to this thread to explain what I did to save my laptop. 3 hours ago i split half a litre of boiling hot black coffee on my desk which inevitably drowned my laptop which shut itself down within 5 seconds of it happening. I panicked and grabbed a towel to dry off the external fluid and it wouldnt turn on. I did a quick google which explaind to remove the battery and anything else you can (I have no idea how to do this, nor do I own a screwdriver to get the back off my PC) so i opened my laptop and flipped upside down and put it on a towel on the floor, i then put my hair dryer on the lowest heat blowing into the arch of the laptop whilst having a fan pointed directly at the device. I left it for about 10 minutes and was impatient, tried to turn on and it would turn on for 1 second then power off. I then left it for 2 hours from the original spill time and i am now writing this answer on it. It seems to be working OK for now. I just wanted to share advice for people who arent very technical. I have put the steps at the top for a quick read.

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Emma - Coffee is not just water! It has the coffee, sugar and milk dissolved in it as well.

Its this other stuff which will corrode your parts over time! I just fixed a system which had the exact same thing a year ago. It eded up be more costly than it needed to be. If I had been given it back then I could of cleaned out the junk saving the system from what I had to deal with to get it going again.


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This is what happened to mine and this is what I did :

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I spilled black iced coffee all over my keyboard by accident. First thing I did was freak out and thought for the worse. After freaking out for about a minute, I turned my computer upside down to drain all excess liquid then dried it with a paper towel until it looked like nothing else was draining our or on the keyboard. About 4 minutes later, I shut the monitor off and laid it upside down on pillow. I also coated the pillow in rice so that the keyboard would be flat on the rice surface. I let it sit for about 2 days and prayed. Today i turned it on, and after some lag it turned on and has worked perfectly! I read some forums that rice doesn’t work but i disagree. I didn’t even have to take my monitor apart. Hope this helps! good luck to anyone going through this horror.

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Forget the rice! This is an old urban legend!

Drying agents pull moisture out of the air not liquid water! Even if you waited the few months for the liquid water to go into vapor your system will be a corrosive mess!

The best thing is take the battery out, then keep the system as cool as you can to slow down the corrosion (don't freeze!) Until you can fully open the system and correctly clean your system.


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