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Broken LCD

I just acquired a MacBook Pro 15" with a cracked LCD. I was able to have it run from the external monitor and change it to the primary. Everything worked until i tried to upgrade to Snow Leopard! The default screen reverted to the internal display again, but I have no idea what its displaying!

I'm stuck. Anyone have any idea how I can get myself out of this fix?? (I tried re-booting after waiting for 1.5 hours - just in case, but no go)



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can't even make a smart a$$ comment here.


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you could always just hit the "F7" key, this is the toggle from mirrored / extended - you may have to hold the function key depending on system defaults for the function keys.

as far as a hardware level trick, If you disconnect the LVDS cable that connects the LCD Panel to the logic board, the external display will become the default display.

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This would be a bit of work, but you could remove the hard drive, put it in an enclosure, and use another computer to upgrade it to Snow Leopard. Then reinsert it into your MacBook Pro, where hopefully it will automatically allow the external monitor to be shown, since it won't be in "install mode" any longer.

Another possibility that doesn't involve opening cracking the case might be to start up your MacBook Pro in Firewire Target Disk mode ( ) and attach it to another computer. The hard drive of the laptop should appear on the other computer's desktop. Then install Snow Leopard onto the laptop hard drive from the other computer. Disconnect and restart. And again, hopefully the laptop will then allow the external monitor to be shown, since it won't be in "install mode" any longer.

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Thanx Everyone!

I cheated.... took the drive out of the old MacBook Pro, inserted it in an external hard disk enclosure (USB), connected it to my original MacBook Pro, booted from it and upgraded it to Snow Leopard. Made sure I set the external display as the primary, and everything is working well now.

BTW, I don't know who owned this MacBook Pro, but whoever it was really abused it! As they say, "it took a lick'in and keeps on tick'in"!!

Thanx again!


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