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How do I resolder battery trace after middle connector ripped?


I was performing my first battery replacement in my iPod touch and the middle battery pad was torn off and pulled the trace with it. I haven't been able to locate any schematics for the logic board this far. I was wondering how to locate the trace that pulled up, and the process for fixing it. Several threads I read recommended soldering thin copper wire where the trace used to be, and forming a new battery pad with silver epoxy. Please be specific since I'm learning the hard way :)


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Samantha, you are not the first person that this happens to. The repair is the same for this issue on most devices. Here is my answer from a very similar question:" If the pad has been completely ripped off the board, the only options would be:

1) Find the trace the pad normally connects to, scrape off some lacquer and re-attach to a new point. or 2) Replace the whole board. You should be okay with attaching the cable to the race or the next point where the trace leads to. You need a good magnifying lamp, a steady hand and good equipment. You should also check on here Anyway to reattach solder pads? " This is from solder pads on iPod Touch 3g battery replacement. Check this link for all the questions/answers about solder pad repair. Also, take a look at soldering points for battery to see if you can identify the points to connect to, on your iPod. Hope this helps, good luck.

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This is a generic answer. It does not answer this specific question as there appears to be NO trace to that pad. I know... I am in the same boat. I have the iPod working BUT every 5 mins it says its too hot and so stops working.


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