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Put the replaced Flash drive out of the MBA into the iMac

I know that its possible to replace the flash-storage in the MBA and its also possible to add a third drive to the iMac. But is there any kit to put the replaced flash-drive of the MBA into the iMac?

Cases aren't available (just a USB 3 from OSC) but are there any cables etc.? And is it admitted to mount the naked flash-module as it is in your guide to place a SSD behind the optical drive?

thanks a lot

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Sadly no, Apple uses custom interfaces on their SSD's in both the MBA & MBPr systems. So you can't install either one into your iMac.

As to installing a standard mSATA SSD into your iMac you'll need a 2.5'' to 3.5" frame kit if you plan to replace your HD. In some iMac's you can add-in the SSD as a second storage drive by mounting it on to the optical drive and using a special cable to the unused SATA port on the logic board.

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