MacBook Pro 13' randomly shut down while in use

While using my MacBook it just randomly shut down- the screen went blank. I tried pressing the power button but nothing has changed.

It was fitted with a new battery and other parts back in December 2012- due to a water spilling incident but that was fully repaired at a high cost by apple.

It's only 6months old

Someone please help me?? :(

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I have an MBP 15" that acts very much the same way. At first I thought it might be a software problem but, after a reinstall of OS X it behaved the same. Upon opening it I discovered corrosion on the motherboard in several places. I cleaned it as best I could but it still acts the same and I will likely need to replace the motherboard.

Apple has cleverly put liquid damage detection stickers in various places on the motherboard and battery. All stickers were fine except one so somehow in the past liquid got in there. Since you know your machine had water damage, do you know if Apple repaired or replaced the motherboard? Do you know if they replaced anything else?

I suggest opening it up again and inspecting the motherboard and other parts for damage with magnifying glasses. I'll bet you discover corrosion on or around some surface components.

Good luck!


Liquid damage is not a covered repair. JohnV- For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link to the O.Q. or Answer.


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IF you have put things on it or forced it into a small enclosure you could have a cracked battery. My MBA behaved in this way, it would work for a while, then suddenly stop, or refuse to reboot. Occasionally I got the dreaded X in the menu bar.

I had a crack clear across the battery. I could not see this when the battery was in the machine but when I picked it up and looked at it I could see it separate.

I know exactly when someone put their luggage on top of my messenger bag in an overhead bin. But, it took weeks for the correlation to occur in my mind.

Good Luck,

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That must have sucked.. how did you go about replacing it, visiting apple?

I opened my mac up earlier and was no sign of a crack, however I didn't take it out of the machine incase I made it worse.


I replaced it myself (this the DIY repair site) used the proper guide, had the needed tools.


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