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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 8, 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Charging is not support by this accessory

while connect to charger it displays

Charging is not support by this accessory

and m using the same charger for charging my i pod

n doesnt show any problem

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I would imagine its either a cheap aftermarket charging cord, or the dock connector in the phone is giving the issue. Try cleaning the dock out with some alcohol and a toothbrush. Then blow it out with canned air. This may resolve it. If not, the dock connector may need replaced. Its fairly simply on the 3G and 3Gs models. The docks are cheap and readily available online.

Hope this helps!

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I was getting the same error message you are seeing. I tried different chargers and new cables but no joy. The error message went away when I used a 2100 ma charger (Apple clone) and a short charger cable. Don't use the six feet long Apple cable. The charger cable I am using is made by Duracell, Model # ES8086-DU. The cable does not have the two data pins, only the two voltage pins and it is only 2 feet long.

Iphone charging only works with the 2100 ma charger. You cannot charge an Iphone from a computer since it only has 500 ma maximum output.

Just now I charged a dead Iphone showing the red battery warning to full power in only three hours.

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I fixed this same issue today by disabling usb legacy support in your bios.

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