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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Vertical colored lines appearing on my screen?

Okay so one day randomly, these colored vertical lines showed up on the right side of my screen. The laptop still functions perfectly, except the lines are there. If i touch the back of the area where the lines appear, they move around. Any ideas?

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How wide are these lines? Describe the "move around part a bit better. What exactly happens when you do apply pressure?


Does anyone know what causes the vertical lines to appear? Is it a computer defect or caused by damage ( power surge, drop, water, etc)


Single pixel lines are usually caused by TAB failure. TABs are used to connect the panel to the driver boards. Check here for more reading.


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markdaaboul, vertical lines on any LCD usually indicate a failure of the LCD panel. There is always a small possibility that this is caused by a faulty video cable itself,so check on that first. Of course, also check with an external monitor and see if it shows the same line, if it does you know that it is a GPU/video card error. If it does not, it is your LCD. Most likely you are having a defective TAB. On a LCD your size there are usually 10-12 "data" tabs located on the top of the LCD. These are what communicates vertical information from the board to the glass and there are also 3-4 "scan" tabs, which are located on the side that switch on which horizontal line to activate. If any of these Tab fails, you get one of those lines. It is very difficult to repair and would require some extremely expensive machinery. There are some places that do offer repair of an LCD, but the cost of that may actually be higher than a replacement LCD. Check with companies that offer Tab bonding like this. In a best case scenario, it might be possible to temporarily fixing it by applying pressure with cloth tape to the loose tab. Hope this helps, good luck.

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The most common cause of this is the LCD itself. The odds that it is the graphics card are slim mainly because the graphics card doesn't depict that data stream. Your best bet would be to just replace the LCD.

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