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pattern of dots around desk icons

I am having problems with my iMac G5. Around each icon on my desktop is a pattern of dots that extend about 1/2 inch all around each icon. When I play a quicktime movie or watch a DVD I get a pattern of dots that extends over the entire image. When I use the visualizer with iTunes I get a similar pattern extended across the colored image.

Other that than that, things look good. This machine has been to apple to have the PSU replaced in the past for overheating issues and shut down issues.

I would like to attempt fixing it myself since I am pretty handy and like to do things like this. Any thoughts on what it could be? The apple forums have been inconclusive for me in diagnosing this. Some say its the graphics chip, others that it might be the capacitors. I have seen capacitors sold on other sites, but do not see them here on iFixit.

Thanks for any help.


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This is all I could find on your problem. I hope you find it helpful. Ralph

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nice research +


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great link ralph +1

the pattern is from the faulty solderings under the graphics processor

(can be fixed, not for everyone, i will post a step by step guide soon)

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you guys rock. That description in the thread on apple completely describes the problem. Could the faulty soldering be from the replacement of the PSU or are they unrelated. I don't know enough at this point about the layout of the hardware to know if they are near each other or not.


The problems are not related.

in my opinion the g5 iMac series had 3 problems: 1, faulty capacitors

2, "problematic" solderings under the graphics processor

3, weak psu's


Well, thanks again. I can't wait for your guide on how to fix that soldering. I will hold off on the repair until I see that posted.


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