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My iPhone makes no sound whatsoever

The phone displays a volume bar, but it dosen't change to "headset" when I plug something into the jack.

I have tried blowing into the jack, and the docking port but nothing happened.

I can stream sound via AirPlay, and probably bluetooth too - But there is no sound output from the phone when it rings, when I play music with or without headset or during a call.

The microphone does not work either.

Basically, sound does not come in or out of the phone, except for when I use AirPlay.

How do I fix this? Compared to a iphone 4 I have at hand, the dock connector pin seems a bit bent (again, it charges perfectly).

It's a white model, and when I look inside the docking port, there seems to be a bit dirty way inside.

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Krisodd, most sound and Mic issues can be traced back to the dock connector. So in your case, if it already looks like it may be damaged, either try to straighten the pins, or replace the dock connector. You also want to clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and a few puffs of compressed air. Re-evaluate after that. Check to see if you have sound by using a dock connector.

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