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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Replacing HD, question on compatibility

Hi all,

The HD in my 2007 iMac EMC 2133 seems like it's failing. Twice in the past three days I've had to run Disk Utility from the startup disk to repair the drive. I'd like to replace it before it dies. I am thinking of a Seagate ST500DM002 SATA 500GB drive. Does anyone know if this drive is compatible with the EMC 2133?

Thank you!


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This drive will be fine. You may want to look at going to a larger drive as the cost difference is not that much more. I would go with a 1 or 2TB drive in this series.

Review the iFixIt guide as you'll need to transfer the thermo sensor over to you new drive.

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Thanks, guys! This machine is used pretty much only for internet, iTunes, QuickBooks, and the occasional video on Syfy, so not sure I need more.


Even still the few dollars difference for even a 1GB drive will future proof. Besides You never want to have to little free space as your systems speed will suffer.


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