Small water intake, now wont charge or connect to itunes

A few days ago some water was spilt on my phone and now it wont charge or connect to itunes. ive done a hard resta few times and still the same. should i repalce the dock connecter part?


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Hi old turkey and thanks for you reply, I have got a bottle of surgical spirt and it ingredients are 95% methylated spirts. 2.5% caster oil.. Can I use this? Thanks


I would not due to the oil.The isopropyl alcohol is to clean and to displace any water and it is not conductive to electricity.


Yeah I didn't think it would be a good idea after u posted the comment, I'm having trouble souceing isopropyl locally in the uk. I think I wil

Have to order it online. Thanks for your help


Check with your local pharmacy, I get mine through those.


yes have done, told me they do not stock it.. is nail varnish remover similar?


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Adam, it does not really matter how much water was involved, it will depend on where it got into the phone and if it shortened out any of the SMD components. The very first thing you want to do, is to clean your phone. This will prevent failure caused by corrosion late on. The procedure for cleaning your iPhone is pretty much the same. Use these guides to work on your phone. Disassemble it and clean it using this guide. It was written for a 3G but all the points are still pertinent to your phone. Use 90%+ isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Once you got it cleaned, replace the battery and reassemble. Then re-evaluate for further, if any, damage. Yes, it is "possible" that this is cause by your dock connector, but also by numerous other possibilities. Hope this helps, good luck.

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