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Power jack damaged by Arizona tea

My son left his ipod charging overnight and to his dismay discovered that Arizona tea had been spilled on it. Although the ipod still works, he cannot charge it now, even with a new cable. The power jack / data port connector appears discolored and the cable contacts also appears damaged. I would surmise that the presence of an electrolyte (AZ tea) at the powered connector lead to corrosion of the contacts. It is not clear if any circuitry in the ipod could also be damaged (but I suspect not). I am thinking of disassembling his ipod and trying to clean the contact mechanically (and just replacing the power/data cable). I am not opposed to having someone do it for me, but I am concerned the problem may be more than just corroded contacts. I am also wondering if I might be able to do it without disassembly. Any thoughts or suggestions? TIA!

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THESE GUIDES will assist you in getting the iPod open and assessing the damage further. I suspect that you need to replace the dock connector as a minimum but it appears to be soldered directly to the logic board in the iPod. You may be able to clean it up once you disassemble the device

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