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Airport Express External Antenna?

I recently bought an Airport Express and shortly thereafter, got the idea to mod it with a bigger antenna. There's really nothing online showing that sort of mod but many with the extreme!

How can I add an external antenna to the Express?

I saw one, I believe it was by Quickertek. Although, it wasn't much cheaper their way than buying the Extreme!

Help, please!

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The contemplation of an inny or an outy antenna ;-}

The Airport Express, Airport Extreme or Time Machine where never intended to be a super long distance AP's, others offer these.

The other aspect here is the Express unit is heat welded so you end up making a mess of the case. The Extreme or Time Machine units can at least be opened.

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Thanks Dan,

I already have it opened though, I had already decided to take on this project when I posted the question. And as I said before , I saw one modded with an antenna mounted through the top, If I were to do the same on my own, where would I need to make the connection to the logic board? Would I have to remove the original antennae?


I wasn't able to add pics but I may have found the answer, it looks like there is a U.FL post just below both of the 2 antennae. So, a couple of pigtails with SMA connectors at the opposite ends should do the trick, I finally learned about that (U.FL) type of connector just yesterday, a D-link router was being modded!

Thank you!



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