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iMac wont startup after bootcamp - Have tried everything


Im sorry for my english, it's not my native language i really hope you can understand a little bit!

Now comes my story!

I sat last night and wanted to install bootcamp on my iMac 27 inch. I had downloaded Windows 7 as a. ISO file.

I had formatted my external hard drive to the right format and thrown. ISO file there on.

I am running as Boot Camp assistant that guides me through it all. I get so formatted the external hard drive and it gets thrown the necessary files to the hard disk and it starts to make my partition is 130GB out of 700GB which I have left on my iMac.

So far so good.

It runs the bootcamp assistant as it should, and it shuts down to start the Windows 7 installer up from my external hard drive. NOW COMES THE PROBLEM!

It writes "No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key"! - I panicked a little and rushed me to read up a bit on what it all was!

As a rule, this should be no problem for you to very easily just might hold some keys when iMacen starts up and then it should all be fixed.

But NO it is not so here. Now I write different things down as I tried to hold without success:

CMD + R = would love to boot into recovery mode. No response

ALT / Option key = Should like to choose what I wanted to boot into whether it is iMacen's built-in hard drive, boot camp or my external hard drive. Also no response!

Then I try CMD + ALT + P + R = Should be something "barge" or lignene reset. Again, no luck!

Only now panikede I very much. It starts up in white screen ... so it waits 15-20 seconds to start up the black screen where it says again: "No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key".

I tried to insert my MacBook OSX installation disk when I can not find my iMac's. After which you had to start it up while you held the "C" key. AGAIN WITHOUT GOOD?!

I do simeplthen not know what to do. All this happened after I tried to make boot camp, and it's never happened to me before.

I can not find anything on google about others who have had experiences lignene all others could easily press the nødvændige combinations during startup after which it has worked.

But for my part, it seems as if it will not react to my wireless keyboard that comes with. Have also tried a "wired" keyboard I have.

Now I sit and download immediately. ISO file from microsoft, and I bought some DVDs so i can burn the. ISO file to which I'm going to try to throw it in when it says it can not find "boot disk" and see if it can install from there.

But now I can not get my MacBook OSX Installer disc out!! So right now I'm screwed!!

Know this is a mouthful, but I'm sitting here completely lost when I have no idea what I should do. All my diploma work is on my iMac and I have exams Monday.

Since I figured that boot camp would **** this up, I did it just because I have bootcamp on my Macbook Pro.

Whew .....

Sincerely hope there are some who can help me here, or tell me what I can do!

To make a short summary:

My iMac wont start up, and dosen't recognise any "keys" to start up with etc. "CMD+R"

Starts up in white screen and then go to black screen and says: "No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key".

Can't get my Macbook pro OSX Installer Disc out of the iMac because the "eject" button dosen't respond.

My computer worked out perfectly before it shut down and tried to "acess" the windows installer, and since i have tried to bootcamp a Mac before i knew what to do.

But this really dosen't make any sence!

THANK YOU in advance!

Nicolai Knudsen

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Nicolai - BootCamp can be a bear and the process can cause problems if your hard drive has little space left or your files are fragmented across the area you will be creating the Windows partition on the booting HD.

At this point I'm not sure what the best direction is here as you state you have important files that you need to get to for school on Monday that are on the hard drive. Do you have any backup of any of the files? If not you need to stop altering your HD as your files could get damaged (if not already). This is a good reason to make backups.

What you need to do here is boot your system in Target mode and connect it to your other Mac system via Firewire or Ethernet. Salvage all of your files onto your other Mac or an external on it. If you can't access any files you will need to get a 3rd party application to recover your files.

If you are still having problems you may want to go to an Apple Store and see if they can help you get at your files.


Once your ready to move forward in installing Windows you will need to do the following: Download the latest version of BootCamp, decompress the ISO file back onto the CD/DVD it was originally created from as BootCamp is expecting the files to be in readable form.

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