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iPhone 3GS is not charging after battery replacment

I have just replaced the battery in my iphone 3gs and It will charge until it turns on at about 7 percent then stops charging and dies then repeats but does not do a full charge I have changed the cord brought new cords and I was wondering if there was anything els to replace or why it would be doing this

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Why did you change the battery? Have you tried to see if it charges the old battery?


yeah tired to charge the old battery but does nothing at all the reason I changed is because it stopped charging in the first place and iTunes wouldn't even recognise the phone.


Does iTunes recognize your phone with the new battery? What is the part number of the battery?


yeah iTunes does with the new one. but it still only charges till 7 precent the part number for the new battery ?


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Aaron, the charging is controlled by the feedback from the battery to the PMIC. So it is possible that you have A. have a battery with a bad logic board or B. a bad PMIC. It is also possible, but less likely that this is caused by a bad dock connector. I would suggest another new battery from a reputable dealer. If that still will not resolve this I would go for the dock connector is the easier one of the parts to repair, but still a PITA. After that may be a reflow of the PMIC. Hope this helps, good luck.

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