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The HTC Inspire 4G is the first smartphone available on AT&T Wireless branded as "4G". It's nothing more then an Desire HD locked to AT&T and running AT&T Software.

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Is it worth repairing my HTC Inspire?

I'm sorry if this question has already been answered lol but I don't think my question is quite the same as some I've seen about screens so here goes...I was walking to work one day on a gravel road, my inspire which is always pretty durable and hardy fell on the gravel and the pointy rocks cracked it worked for a few days and then no screen...I'm wondering if it's just the screen or an internal there any way to tell without spending money on repairing the screen? Right now there is only a black, cracked screen and no action....I am fearing the worst on this lool (also if you have other suggestions on ways to get a better smart phone at minimum expense, I'm very open to lol)

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seth, "a black, cracked screen" you know that at a minimum you'll need a new LCD. That's already around $60, that is if you repair it yourself and hopefully that is all it needs. As to affordability etc. that depends on entirely on you and your skills.

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I take back the black screen part. Today, I turned the phone on and it worked!! It will even charge the battery. The only problem is the screen is so cracked that I can't make unlock it with my finger...I guess I will just get a screen and see if I can work some self magic on it :)

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