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Model M5343 / 333 or 400 MHz G3 processor

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How can I Install OS 9.2.2


I have an old G3 Pismo, that was running OS 10.4. This works all fine and Dandy.

The problem I have is I have a G4 PowerBook which I use for all my OSX apps.

I wanted to downgrade the PowerBook so I can use it purely in OS 9, so I can use all my old retro mac games and apps.

As the Pismo has had OSX installed on it in the past I assume this has upgraded the firmware, as a consequence I can no longer boot the mac up in OS 9. I have used an OS 9 boot disc but just get a disc icon with a question mark in. Am I missing something?

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requires System 9.0 or later; Mac OS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.3.9 recommended, 10.4.x can be installed. Can only run OS X 10.5 with a G4 upgrade, but DVD Player may not work


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Managed to fix it in the end. I installed OS 9.2.2 on to the Pismo by booting it up in target disc mode. Then I used a mates Pismo to 'bless' the system folder on my pismo. Then hey presto it booted up! The problem was that the system folder needed to be 'blessed' or it wouldnt boot up, but you cant do this in OSX.

thefax, Apr 20 @ 9:01 PM • Delete

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The 9.2.2 should boot just fine from the optical drive if the "C" key is held down on start up. Do you have a retail version of the 9.2.2? What color is the disk? Will your optical drive read other disks?

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I have an original OS 8.0 disc which I was trying to boot from which I was planning to upgrade to 9, It gets a little way through the boot up process then bombs.


Go to Fastmac and pick up a 9.2.2 install disk. Give them a call to insure the disk will work on your Pismo:


Surely the Pismo should boot up using an OS 8.0 disc though?


it should, but OS8 was designed for the older PowerPC computers, and supported older technologies. The most advanced computer it shipped with, was the 1st gen iMac G3, and that was the last native OS8 machine.


Looking on the Apple web site it says the pismo was shipped with 8.5 so maybe it wont run on 8.0.

If I get hold of a OS 9.2.2 boot disc it should in theory boot straight up?

I am doubtful becuase the machine has had OS X on it and seems to only be looking for OS X system folders. Will I need to downgrade the firmware?


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