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Apple's line of iBook laptops was intended for the consumer and educational markets. The iBook line comprises of the iBook G3 Clamshell, G3 12", G3 14", G4 12", and G4 14".

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LCDs of 500 MHz and 800 Mhz interchangeable?

I'm curious to know if my 800 MHz 12-inch iBook LCD can interchange with that of my 500 MHz laptop. Thanks for any info, guys.

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Yes they are interchangeable. Both should be 12.1" TFT XGA active-matrix displays with a 1024 by 768 native resolution. Apple reports that it also supports 640 by 480 and 800 by 600 when scaled.

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Yes I finally got around to getting it done. And yes, the LCD from the 800 Mhz did work in the 500 Mhz unit.


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