How to fix inductor?

The inductor still seems to be on the board, should I remove it and use a circuit writer to bridge the gap?

Also, does anybody have a picture of the blue inductor on the 4S as I dont want to do the wrong one!


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Why do you think you have to change it?


To be honest, reading around it's the only thing I can think of. On this thread I show a development that happened today (iPhone 4S - No Service but carriers show?). It can find networks manually although, wont let me join it. I drove into town today and for about 2mins it had FULL 3G signal. Would this lead you to believe that it is the inductor, or is there anything else you can think of trying first?



Possibly, but do check it first. Make sure that all your connections are seated properly and check for the SMD components around the antenna connections. Check for missing parts:-)



I've checked all the parts. Seem to still all be there. What would you recommend I do next? Thanks


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Tristan, what you are looking at is schematic number L47_RF a 5.6NH+/-0.2NH-470MA inductor manufactured by MURATA. Part number is LQW04AN5N6D00D available right here with part number 81-LQW04AN5N6D00D The physical dimension are 0.8mm long, 0.4mm wide and 0.4mm high. This is not a part that should be repaired with a soldering gun. This needs either a hot air soldering station or a very fine soldering tip, a steady hand and good magnification source. It may just be easier to use a circuit writer to just close the circuit from one point to the next. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for this, I will await your suggestion of the comment on the question before I do anything hasty!


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