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HTC One (kod adı M7), HTC'nin 2013 yılı amiral gemisi telefonudur. Kusursuz tasarlanmış yekpare alüminyum gövdeye, ön tarafta 2 adet büyük hoparlöre ve 4.7 inç 1080p ekrana sahiptir.

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Patch fix for blown speaker


My HTC One's top speaker is blown.

I have bought it from abroad, hence I don't have warranty in my country. Therefore I want to fix it myself.

I am planning to fix it by patching very thin paper (about 30 micron thickness) to the teared area with instant glue.

Would it be possible to just open the top speaker grill without opening whole body? Maybe with application of some heat to the speaker grill itself?

And can you comment on my fix? Would it work? Would it still decrease the volume of the speaker noticeably if I work with a really small piece of paper very precisely? Would it have another unwanted effect on tone, etc?

I may consider replacing the speaker with a new one, I know in this case I will need to open the phone completely from the teardown, but I can't find original beats speakers on the internet. All I find is substitutes such as seen in and

So I'm not sure about if these speakers will perform as good as the original ones, and think that fixing the original would be better.

What do you think and suggest?

Thanks a lot...

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I've had the same problem,luckily mine was under warranty so I had the speaker's replaced,only for 3 days after getting my phone back the speaker blew again! Safe to say I'm not a happy man


Hi. I have a HTC One M7 & i bought it as a damaged item from ebay. I can tell you from experience that you CANNOT change the speaker/buzzer in the M7 by removing just the grill. If it's just the top speaker that needs changing then the back casing has to be removed and the mainboard plus 'daughterboard' at the top of the phone. If it's the bottom speaker then that is a little less trouble because that comes in a plastic housing around the charging connector area. You can remove that without disturbing the mainboards.

Ive posted a few pics online which i took while repairing my M7. Have a look through them & see if they are of any help.



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There are many reports of bad speakers on this phone.


The parts you linked are not likely original so they may not perform as well. repairing the speaker is not a practicable option IMO.


To me and based on the tear down, the speaker assembly looks like it will only come out if you disassemble the device.

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Thanks for your opinion about speaker repair. By the way, my speaker is really blown. Not due to being loose or having dirty springs. Also my model is not One X. The site you have recommended explains complete teardown for One X. Additionally a complete teardown for HTC One by ifixit exists.

I think I still need to know, if it is possible to just remove the top speaker grill of the htc one (m7) without harming the body.


Hmm clearly I got confused there! Sorry :(.


Definitely, in order to take it out, complete disassembly is required. However if I can just remove the grill, I will try to patch it from the surface revealed.


Good luck with that approach... Let us konw how you get on


I have decided to use it as it is until the sound becomes really disturbing.

Right now, it buzzes on very rare notes, mostly it is unnoticeable.

But due to my experiences with previous blown speakers, i think it may buzz on a wider range of notes with time, then it would buzz on all notes, and eventually end up with very disturbing but very silent sound.

So I will tear it down if the speaker replacement becomes a must, or if I need to open it for some other reason, and then i will post the outcome of this patch method above.

Thanks a lot again.


Yorum Ekle OEM parts. Bought a front housing from them with the screen works flawless. except i believe i damaged the speaker at the top when transplanting the guts to the new front housing.

speakers link

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Here's my take on this (from personal experience)...

The speaker most likely isn't "blown", and they don't use paper cones... read on...

The reason it's usually the TOP speaker that buzzes (in my case) is that it's the one at the bottom of my pocket when I carry it there (as most of us do). This puts that speaker right where most of the "gunk" sits in my pockets... and therefore that speaker is far more prone to gathering the loose stuff through its speaker grill. Since the speakers use very strong magnets (in order to produce loud sounds), they attract any tiny bits & pieces of ferrous metal... which get stuck to the speaker diaphram, and buzzes. (mine was so bad that I could not understand people at ALL when receiving phone calls... and gave up long ago on listening to music through the internal speakers)

Here's what I did, and it seems to have worked...

1) Download an Audio Signal Generator app - I use "Audio Test Tone Generator". It allows you to output a pure tone through your speakers to determine if this is helping.

2) You need a VERY strong magnet, I use N48 neodymium cylinder 1/2" x 1/2". It needs to be stronger than the speaker magnet. A good size Hard Drive magnet may work well too!

Make sure your magnet is CLEAN... wipe it with a clean cloth, then use an old toothbrush to quickly brush away any remaining 'bits & pieces' it may have on it. GET IT CLEAN!!! ...or else you risk making the problem worse.

Then we need some way to get those pieces on the speaker jumping around, so our magnet can grab them away!

Set the Audio generator to a sine wave, so you don't damage the speakers. I use around 315Hz frequency, as seems to work well at resonating the speaker enough to get plenty of action (buzzing).

Bring your magnet near the speaker, and determine which end of it is in "attraction mode", so it feels like it's pulling towards the speaker (which is right in the center of the speaker grill). It MUST be in attraction, not repulsion.

Turn the volume all the way up, flip the phone face-down, and tap your strong magnet against the grill several times. (Note: it may scratch your paint, but if you use a chrome plated neo magnet, it shouldn't hurt it.)

After you tap the magnet against the speaker gill area a few times, pull it away and closely inspect the face of the magnet... the first time I did this, I was SHOCKED at how much crud came out!

Clean that magnet well, do it again a few times... but be sure to get it CLEAN... otherwise the gunk may go right back in... and you also stand a risk of scratching the phone.

I even stuck the magnet to the speaker area, (phone face down!), and tapped the phone face (near the speaker) with a fairly heavy blunt plastic object... a fairly large screwdriver (plastic) handle. This tends to help shake loose the larger pieces, and help vibrate them through those tiny holes. Pull the magnet away again, see if you got more. (I did)

Although my bottom speaker had been sounding fine, I got lots of gunk out of it as well.

When I got finished, my top speaker now sounds as clean and pure as my bottom speaker. YMMV, but I'm excited about how well it worked!

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