LCD Replacement does not detect/register touch?

Hi guys, I recently bought a 3rd generation iPod Touch off of eBay. It was stuck in this plastic slider case and I could not take it out for the life of me. While trying to take the case off I shattered the digitizer.

I bought a replacement digitizer and ended up breaking the original LCD during the repair process. So I bought a replacement LCD off of eBay and replaced it with the broken one. The screen powered on, but it did not detect or register any of my touches.

I sent it back and got another LCD today in the mail, but I still have the same problem. I have not decided to put the digitizer on as I have seen videos where the repair guy touches the actual LCD to make sure the touch works..

The connector port is not loose and I reasearched and the answer seems to be that the motherboard is faulty. What I don't understand is that the touch worked on my broken lcd originally so I don't think thats it. I am desperate.

Does anyone know whats going on?

PS: I have also rebooted the iPod many times, I haven even restored it under DFU mode and plugged in some headphones as other posts have suggested, still nothing.

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jay, the lcd is just for the picture, the digitizer is your touch screen...

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Excuse my arrogance, but are you 100% positive? I could have sworn I've seen videos where the repair man touches the LCD itself to test it before the digitizer is put on


yes i'm 100 % positive. the touch screen is attached to the glass and not the lcd.


@Jay, sounds like you seen a bad video. iwillfix is absolutely right.


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