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broken rear window cable in Sebring

The cable on my rear power window of my 05 Sebring is broken. We can see that it is def broken and not just off track. Motor works fine. How to fix and how to get to it in the first place? Or is this a mechanic-only problem?

Thanks in advance.

And apologies if this posted twice. Quite new to this.

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Wendy, I have a bit of a hard time finding exactly which cable you are referring to. I attached instructions on how to get to the window regulator. Let us know what you find...



(1) Open rear door.

(2) Lower window.

(3) Open the screw cap from bottom of arm rest pull cup and remove the screw (Fig. 12).

(4) Open the screw cap from behind door latch handle and remove the screw.

(5) Remove the screws along the bottom of the trim panel.

(6) Using a trim stick C-4755 or equivalent, disengage lips holding perimeter of trim panel to rear door.

(7) Remove trim panel from inner belt weatherstrip at top of door.

(8) Disconnect wiring harness at door opening.

(9) Remove top of trim panel from door.

(10) Disengage clip holding linkage to latch handle.

(11) Remove linkage from latch handle.

(12) Lift trim up and off lock button.

(13) Remove rear door trim panel from vehicle.

Block Image



(1) Remove door waterdam. (Refer to 23 - BODY/ DOORS - REAR/WATERDAM - REMOVAL)

(2) Remove glass from regulator roller channel. Secure glass in the up position in the door frame.

(3) Disconnect power window motor wire connector, if equipped.

(4) Loosen screw attaching regulator scissor channel to door panel (Fig. 14).

(5) Remove screw and bolt heads from keyhole slots in door panel.

(6) Loosen bolts attaching regulator to door panel.

(7) Remove regulator from door panel.

(8) Slide regulator rearward and rotate forward end of roller channel through access hole in door panel.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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