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Model No. A1366 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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fell in the toilet is it worth tring to fix no life

i was just givin this nano its brand new(was) 2 days old anyway i tried and hooked it up to my computer (i have the same nano as well (working) )after hooking it up nothing i didnt wanna leave it plugged in to long so no power i was just wondering if mabey who owned it if they put power to it while still wet and if so will there be alot of damage beyond repair? i kinda sniff it a little but got to remember it fell in the toilet but it dont smell burnt you know what i mean?

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martinguadiansr, the very first thing I suggest is that you no longer try to turn it on, or try to charge it. This may further damage the iPod. As for id it is worth it to fix, this will totally depend on you, your skills, and your money. As a next step, you should disassemble your iPod. Use this guide to help you out. After that clean the iPod thouroughly by following this general guide. Use a high grade isopropyl alcohol. Once you are sure the logic board, connectors (do not forget the dock connector), and cables are clean replace the battery. You can get it at places like this. Once you have all this accomplished, reevaluate for any residual (if any ) damage. Remember that this model is a PITA to work on but not impossible to fix. Hope this helps, good Luck.

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