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Is it ok to test for power on motherboard without heatsinks installed?

Hi all,

I'm working on an xbox 360 that I got off ebay listed as having "no power". I checked the usb ports, there is one damaged port, I straightened the pins. I cleaned the motherboard and fins of both heatsinks and the fans. I also did the reflow of the chips, just in case. I just want to know if it's ok to plug up the board while it's in it's metal frame without going to the trouble of applying thermal paste and heatsinks, just for like 1-3 seconds to test for power.

Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work! I love this site.

Ok, so I went ahead and did it anyway because I really want to get this thing put back together. I fixed the power issue. Now to get it back together and see if it works or red rings on me....

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Thanks for the comment. Yes, I knew the consequences, but figured just a quick sec to see if it had power before putting it back together would be ok... It's working, but I need the kiddos to test it with some vigorous game-play. So now I just have to conjure up the patience to wait for them to retrieve their controllers left at a friend's house.


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It may have worked this time, but it's a bad habit. I fried a CPU once in a matter of seconds. it only took one time for me to learn my lesson, the few minutes it takes is well worth the trouble (and $$$) it saves.

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