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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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samsung GalaxyS 3 china bought in 2012

Now my question is it takes 2 sin cards for that model,its like a phone used in asia and some of the neighboring countrys that run 2g. now it runs from 900 GSM to 1900 gsm so can i use it here ,does it need to be unlocked.It has never been activated so it never gives a name of the service company that you may have to use,so those arethe same periemeters that straight talk uses at walmart,and maybe ,t-mobile also,so can this be used in the states and do i need i sim card are 2 sim cards.

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There are many generic dual-sim phones that can be found that are unlocked from the factory. I would recommend going into the settings for the phone and doing a web search on the model information that pulls up. While the bands you indicated work well for cellular service, they may only provide you with G or 2G for mobile data and not 3G/4G. In some cases, the APN settings for the phone may need to be manually configured for your provider to support cellular/mobile data.

It sounds like you've indicated that no provider information displays when you have a sim inserted. If the calls work, but mobile data does not, then you'll need to contact the provider. If neither work due to the phone being network locked, usually the phone asks you for an unlock pin when an incompatible sim is put in that is from a different network.

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