Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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5th Gen iPod classic HardDrive/screen Upgrade?

I have a 30gb 5th gen video (classic)

I have a single platter 160gb Hard drive for a 7th generation classic.

(Bought a new ipod classic and a few months later, the logic board goes bad. Apple wouldn't replace it)

I have already swapped the Battery from the 7th gen into the 5th and it now lasts much longer!

But can I use the Hard Drive in the 5th gen?

What about the screen?

I also have an engraved back, Can I use it?

What about the metal faceplate?

I have read several places that the faceplate and screens along with the drive are interchangeable but im not sure.


I already swapped the drives once and everything went smoothly, I formatted the 160gb drive and started to sync my music and my luck ran out when the power went out.

The ipod then crashed and said I had to restore with iTunes.

But no computers will recognise it.

I put the old 30gb drive into it and it works fine, like nothing happen.

I have a ZiF-to-USB adapter so I am guessing I need to force format the 160gb HardDrive and try again?

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Rodger, the screen will not fit since the cable is different,as well as the dimensions. As for the hard drive it will help us if you give us the model of your drive.

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Toshiba mk1634gal is the hard drive i have.


Rodger, the information I have is that the drive is compatible with the iPod video 5th 30GB/60GB


Rock on.

What about getting the classic to appear in itunes once again?

What kind of formatting do I have to do with the adapter?


A regular windows (not the quick format) and not NTFS should work for your drive.


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