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Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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phone working but display not working properly

actually my iphone 3g got totally shutdown due to charging... its not get charging again bcoz.. battery had nil power. so i opened my phone and kept for battery charging... then i fit it... lateron its working as old.. but i dont fix the power but as it position.. so got little prbm with that button.. so i reopen the my phone agian.. i fix all my prbms.. but big prblm is born... that is disply is notworking.. but calls are coming... so i again i opened the phone all strips are same placed.. all r in right posion... so how can i rectify my prbm.... plz sol.....

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this happened to me on a different phone backup your data then do a factory reset this should fix your problem


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Replace the display.

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