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Rainbow Effect at top

I replaced a cracked screen, put it all back together,

but when I press on the top of the ipod, on the screen, near the frame, I get a rainbow effect on the screen.

Took it back apart several times, can't see anything under the metal shield (midplane?) or on top of it. All screws back in original locations. Adhesive was completely cleaned off, new adhesive placed (all the way around).

Seems like when I press on the top near the frame, it goes down further than the frame a very small amount (I can feel the ridge of the black plastic).

What could be causing this?

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Something is touching the LCD. It could be a ton of different things. Where specifically is the rainbow effect happening? Is it all across the top of more on one side? With every screen replacement there is usually some sort of distortion since the ipod was exposed to dust. Here is a little checklist that might be helpful

Did you leave the metal rear camera shield on? Try removing that if so. You do not need that

Did you line up the metal bracket on the screen correctly?

Is the front facing camera sitting correctly?

On the emi shield there is a little black sticky part toward the top right, make sure there is no debris there, make sure the shield is seated correctly as well.

Check the back of the LCD, make sure there are no markings. If you try to put it on with a piece of glass (or some debris) it can leave a little dimple and that can give the rainbow effect.

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Definitely nothing on the back of the LCD. Front camera SEEMS to be seated correctly. Rear camera shield is on. Metal bracket (on glass), is not installed.

Emi shield seems to be seated correctly, no debris, no black sticky anything on it.

The rainbow effect happens at the top of the lcd only, and will appear all across it if I press at the top of the screen. Like if I press at the top left, it will show up there, same thing with the middle and right.


I would put the metal bracket back on glass. That helps seat it correctly and could help solve the rainbow issue. Please know that there will be always be a little bit of rainbow-ing after a screen replacement.


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